PKI is the core of security for most organizations, and at its heart is a couple of keys that together allows the encryption/decryption of the traffic exchanged. Keys can be used by devices, people or applications The challenge of any symmetric or asymmetric encryption is the MIM (man in the middle) attack. How does one […]

Tip #Maven

A decent developer trick is to ensure your maven points to the right JAVA version, and if you have freshly installed maven it will be pointing to the default available. On my system’s dev or otherwise I normally take the help of the profile.d directory to allow me set the custom version. This directory defines […]

Zookeeper mTLS

A bad way to spend one’s Friday, but at least I am ending it on a good note. ~ Friday guru I was struggling with the mTLS configuration for zookeeper configuration and somehow no matter what I do I kept getting an error as below The error was notifying of something, but it was hard […]

Static IP’s in QEMU VM’s

Continuing from where I left in the blog before. If you are using looking to configure a static IP for your machines (may be your use case is similar to mine) this blog might be useful for you. My system is a Apple M1 silicone and Virtualbox was not for me and I had to […]