Naming Convention Policy for Kafka topics

Creating a Topic in a kafka-cluster is easy and well documented for the `` or even the official API documentation. The complexity arises, when you are trying to enforce a standard way of defining topic naming. There are many ways to identify the right convention based on your need, but to enforce such a topic convention while you are […]

Go Modules

If you are like me and getting errors while trying to compile your go lang code without having a go.mod in v1.18 Remember you have overlooked a basic change that happened post 1.16 Module Aware Mode The go command now builds packages in module-aware mode by default, even when no go.mod is present.  Helpful Link Set it off […]

JMX: Monitoring and Managing Kafka

Oracle The Java virtual machine (Java VM) has built-in instrumentation that enables you to monitor and manage it using the Java Management Extensions (JMX) technology.  To enable and configure monitoring of Java VM for any java-application using the ready-to-use JMX agent, you must set certain system properties when you start the Java VM. The default […]

Renewing a driver license

I never thought the process could be this simple in the year 2022. Thanks to Mr. Gadkari for taking the initiative that the states (some) have already implemented. It starts of by signing on the portal – Step 1 Once you have selected the state from the dropdown, in my case Delhi. You will […]