Containers: A brief take

The story of Linux containers is a tale of innovation and collaboration, with roots surprisingly deep in the history of the Linux operating system itself. Let’s explore this fascinating journey, starting with a simple tool called chroot. Chroot: A Stepping Stone Developed in the 1970s, chroot (ch-root) allows you to confine a process to a […]

Git: Commit logs

Every project has a story, and in the world of software development, that story is often told through commit logs. For those unfamiliar, Git is a version control system used for tracking changes in code. Commit logs are the detailed record of those changes, providing a crucial window into a project’s history. In this blog, […]

Terraform (IaC)

IaC stands for Infrastructure as Code. It’s a concept where you define and manage your infrastructure using code files instead of manually provisioning resources through a web interface or command-line tools. This approach offers several benefits like: What is Terraform? Terraform is a popular open-source tool that implements the IaC concept. It allows you to […]

Kafka Streams

In today’s data-driven world, the ability to process information in real-time is crucial. Kafka Streams emerges as a powerful tool for building real-time applications and microservices that leverage the Apache Kafka distributed streaming platform. What are Kafka Streams? Kafka Streams is a client library built on top of Apache Kafka. It allows you to easily […]