Helm Test

The only advice I can give to folks who are building helm charts from scratch, is always keep it incremental and do not try to do everything at one go. At least build a decent few before you even try to attempt such a thing, else you will only end up WASTING your precious time […]

Zabbix Agent

In this blog I will walk you through basic steps needed to deploy a Zabbix 5 Agent on a Centos Machine. The Zabbix Release is available here. Machine Download and install the RPM Update he following sections with the correct values for your Zabbix Server. In my case the server is zabbix.server.com Save and exit […]

CALICO CNI failures

In my cluster things went haywire all of a sudden without a proper showcase, I tried multiple things but it was just not working. Specifically my core-dns and calico-kube-controllers were not coming up and were constantly showing not ready and CrashLoop respectively The error was evident as under – networkPlugin cni failed to set up […]

Personal Access Token

In case you are still using the basic/auth it is time to move to personal access token. Official documentation is the best guide. Personal access tokens (PATs) are an alternative to using passwords for authentication to GitHub Enterprise Server when using the GitHub API or the command line. Step 1: Go to the settings from the Once you […]