Personal Access Token

In case you are still using the basic/auth it is time to move to personal access token. Official documentation is the best guide. Personal access tokens (PATs) are an alternative to using passwords for authentication to GitHub Enterprise Server when using the GitHub API or the command line. Step 1: Go to the settings from the Once you […]

Building your artifact(s)

Everything starts form a single source file and as the time goes by, it gradually transforms into multiple modules, bulky source files and a source control repository. Mostly by this time the team has already adopted a a build tool, and a repository to publish the versioned artifacts. Journey is similar for every project successful […]

Maven Profiles

The concept of profiles let’s a developer define what he wants to build and what to do in specific cases. In this blog I will talk about the problem that I solved using profiles. Multiple Modules In my source code there were around 8 sub-projects that were part of the same code base The building […]


All right, it has been sometime since I last wrote my blog, and it has been disappointing not to have found enough time to collate and put my thoughts in a simple worded doc; better late then never. So, here I am trying to reignite the pursuit of writing at least once a week. Topic […]