Static IP’s in QEMU VM’s

Continuing from where I left in the blog before. If you are using looking to configure a static IP for your machines (may be your use case is similar to mine) this blog might be useful for you. My system is a Apple M1 silicone and Virtualbox was not for me and I had to […]

Running QEMu based VM’s on OSX M1

A popular choice in the OSS QEMu is an open source machine emulator (system emulation/usermode emulation) and virtualizer. Since I recently moved to Apple M1 silicone, I had not option of sticking to VirtualBox and was forced to relook at my options. The most recent version being 7.1.0-rc3 at the time of writing this blog. […]

Vagrant-OSX – M1

In the previous blog, I was left with the error that had little information for me to debug. I realized since I migrated most of the files from my previous laptop it might be causing an issue. So a shot in the dark helped me. In my home directory, I just moved the .vagrant.d to […]

Vagrant OSX – M1

Having just bought an M1 – MacBook Pro the issue are mounting. The premier challenge was to get my Vagrant boxes configured with provider virtualbox to run. Since VirtualBox clearly calls it out “no support” VBOX VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product for enterprise as well as home use. The challenge was to find […]