Event Streaming

While reading Apache Kafka it was interesting analogy that they described Event streaming is the digital equivalent of the human body’s central nervous system. Apache Kafka It draws a great parallel between how the central nervous system allows for real time event generations and consumption in terms of reflex actions. The examples are well explained […]

Adding Node to a cluster

In this blog, I will try add a new node to the already running cluster. My Cluster Steps to follow Install docker Install kubeadm, kubectl & kubelet Join the cluster using the token Check the node has joined the cluster Step 1: Install docker When adding repo make sure the repo has been added successfully […]

Upgrading K8S cluster

In this blog I will talk about how you can upgrade a node and the kubernetes cluster version to a specific version. I have a 6 node local Kubernetes cluster like below and as evident one of the node is having a different version than the others 1.22.4 which gave me the opportunity to apply […]

Docker: Clean in Bulk

I will define the problem I was facing Too many snapshots versions for the same image were there on my system Freaky developer So to delete there was one hard hack way of cleaning it all That would have killed all the dangling images but still left many I wished cleaned. Light bulb moment So […]