Vagrant-OSX – M1

Saurabh Sharma

In the previous blog, I was left with the error that had little information for me to debug. I realized since I migrated most of the files from my previous laptop it might be causing an issue.

So a shot in the dark helped me. In my home directory, I just moved the .vagrant.d to .old_vagrant.d and just reissued the commands and VOILA!

> vagrant up --provider=docker
Bringing machine 'default' up with 'docker' provider...
==> default: Creating and configuring docker networks...
==> default: Image is already built from the Dockerfile. `vagrant reload` to rebuild.
==> default: Vagrant has noticed that the synced folder definitions have changed.
==> default: With Docker, these synced folder changes won't take effect until you
==> default: destroy the container and recreate it.
==> default: Enabling network interfaces...
==> default: Starting container...

A quick check for the docker image execution

> docker ps -a
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                  COMMAND                  CREATED        STATUS                      PORTS     NAMES
82a58adb9870   e6a0117ec169           "/bin/bash"              17 hours ago   Exited (0) 16 seconds ago             qemu-test_default_1660854015

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