Spinnaker: Pipeline in action


Step 1: Create a new project

Creating Project

Create an application that we will manage

Configure the pipeline and stages

Eventually the pipeline would look like this

Add a new stage helm-chart with bake Manifest configuration & choose the options as under. You will have to configure the account beforehand in the halyard

Bake stages take an artifact and turn it into an immutable infrastructure primitive like an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) or a Docker image. T

Add stage

Adding stage

In our example we will use bake manifest

Bake manifest

Examples of stages
• Bake (create an AMI or Docker image)
• Tag Image
• Find Image/Container from a Cluster/Tag
• Deploy
• Disable/Enable/Resize/Shrink/Clone/Rollback a Cluster/Server Group
• Run Job (run a container in Kubernetes)

Do check the configuration as under (edit display name as required)

name you can choose

Click save.

Step 2: Add another stage

Finally time to test


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