Docker: Clean in Bulk


I will define the problem I was facing

Too many snapshots versions for the same image were there on my system

Freaky developer

So to delete there was one hard hack way of cleaning it all

docker system prune -f

That would have killed all the dangling images but still left many I wished cleaned.

Light bulb moment

So while pondering what to do which included manually going one by one, I thought of trying this

Step 1

List all the images I wished to delete and narrow down to the specific versions

docker image ls

// Gave a long listing
[root@samarthya ~]# docker image ls 
REPOSITORY                                                      TAG                        IMAGE ID       CREATED          SIZE   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211227-0800   2ff1893f12dc   51 minutes ago   658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211226-0801   41516ac3d35b   25 hours ago     658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211225-0800   f0b1d434f8ff   2 days ago       658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211224-0800   1a0e64e65e6e   3 days ago       658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211223-1024   0f6426638df8   3 days ago       658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211223-0800   c5afad3c4ad3   4 days ago       658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211222-0800   cd45ff9d8ae9   5 days ago       658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211221-0800   74f9e90099b0   6 days ago       658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211220-0800   0e1b917654ac   7 days ago       658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211219-0800   f7341845f1db   8 days ago       658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211218-0800   79d6911c6ab9   9 days ago       658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211217-0922   e26236e6dbc9   10 days ago      658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211217-0800   1b513e15af6b   10 days ago      658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211216-1035   edc8e8a7cf12   10 days ago      658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211216-0945   50a0755bb248   10 days ago      658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211216-0800   61899dbefc88   11 days ago      658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211215-0800   0376ceb8248e   12 days ago      658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211214-1031   1527a2319dcc   12 days ago      658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211214-0917   7dd6eb7a7382   13 days ago      658MB   2.2-SNAPSHOT-211210-0916   b304d9979b4b   2 weeks ago      658MB

So I know I could get the listing, now if I just pipe this listing to the docker rmi it should work & I tried the following command.

[root@muntest001601 ~]# docker rmi -f `docker image ls -q`
Deleted: sha256:7153d9c5af71f8ab1c8e13e12d0f4950483bf4aaa6174709f7d1acc1dfbbab89
Deleted: sha256:5d429c41cf582d9c0171e9e3dd3f6bb536b337ba84e4b28c908cb6b0d9b800ff
Deleted: sha256:eb15a2cfecc1b94a96cd9f850404ebd2bbc0f5d61e6b6525f72a5290fe927421
Deleted: sha256:65e53cf22b400bd45c3e59f830db99b89830c732e2caece1036dec33174d3132
Deleted: sha256:99d887aa09ea61c49f1047526faf7bb534118720ea77308b4d8b1d1b96143b9d
Deleted: sha256:ae210b60ea32790c0fccbdfd1067b3fcaa9a73ec255c71605edd48e88e62e20d
Deleted: sha256:fb04a750af2dad61e9d03a45a06ec0d32de233b67ce147e39337501f3f2ba6e2
Deleted: sha256:cdfef45f754806478708a4ab676919b517d0d39a91bd8c7f33ec8bc026b76476
Deleted: sha256:1249ed58b9173463a2a11897ae3328a5ec1d44965e9dc6ded56b2b69db827191
Deleted: sha256:62d46db913565fc8b20f03ee7971a1f4cd1facfa09922dfa2c9c1189f3be275c
Deleted: sha256:95b6effdca41891099d4677465e5a07a5f60529a4a5c1d12eabe05848ce50aae
Deleted: sha256:c5f9b59d60e5097fcaa29212af49e9cd30155af49df707a7ab60e7d458074e0b

Result all the selected image versions were wiped clean!

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