Cracking CISM

Saurabh Sharma

I recently gave CISM and I believe it is easily crackable. For those who are pursuing this certification the mantra is similar (or at least the one that I followed)

1. Read the CISM review manual, it is one comprehensive document that covers the details in depth, the language is not that easy, but if you have enough years of experience you can easily decipher the flow of information.

2. I stumbled upon these documents (attached with this blog) which are must browse document. It is in easy to understand language and a good refresher.

3. CISA is for the auditor, but it is not something you should ignore as audit helps identify some areas which otherwise leave a gap the understanding of the subject.

4. Practice questions, there are heap loads of questions available, you can use actualtest, itexam for free exams. They at best gives you the structure that should help in preparing you for what to expect.

5. Read your questions carefully, before you answer. The trick is looking at keywords carefully prevent, MOST, LEAST, MITIGATE, BUSINESS.

6. If you are stuck at a question take a guess, flag it for review and move on. It helps save time.

7. You need to break it into groups of 10. The total questions are more than 100 (150 in total) it is overwhelming, so eat it in small bites.

8. Join the telegram channel @cissp. People share good questions, dumps help you at times by giving different perspective.

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