Saurabh Sharma

The date was set and the time was defined, nerves were there but so were the smiles.
The pain of wrong prognosis hadn’t set in, the malevolent doc had played her game.

Dwelling up and down the imaginary stairs, my heart was pacing, the result was almost there but for the child’s name.
The surgeon came out & called my name, informed a daughter has decided blessed my home.

The face, nose, ears all pretty, the clamant delight and the glee.
The time passed and boy she grew, eyes wandered but saw-through the obvious clues.

After eighteen long months the courage finally found voice, and the princess and dad went to Dr. Divine.
Checklist, symptoms, all verified; A new word, ASD was brought to light.

She looks normal & will have her struggles; what she may endure is for you to behold.
Happy was a contronym, as hope left the heart; Challenges ahead were too much to grasp.

Innocent she is, and always will be. She falters, smiles and yet carries on,
The mother cries, but is still holding strong.

The father’s despair is for none to see, as for him the might will

Never be…