SAFe for Lean enterprises

Saurabh Sharma

SAFe is a framework; one of the leading, for business agility that allows an organization to adapt based on its own business needs. It mixes the best of Agile, Lean, DevOps into an exhaustive system of guidelines to deliver quality, innovative products in a more predictive manner.

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It has for configurations

  1. Full SAFe
  2. Portfolio SAFe
  3. Large Solution SAFe
  4. Essential SAFe.

Organizations based on their needs and size of team can adapt to the one that suits their needs best and is configurable and scalable.

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Why SAFe has become essential for survival?

A disruption is always around the corner in this digital age and there are plenty of examples where companies plunge into oblivion after making a bright impressions.

E.g. Kodak once upon a time was the biggest player in cameras, now you hardly hear of it.

E.g. Nokia was the biggest smartphone player, and now we all know what has happened.

Business Agility defines the mindset of thriving in today’s dynamic environment.

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SAFe has seven core competencies and twenty one dimensions

  1. Lean Agile Leadership
  2. Continuous Learning Culture
  3. Organization Agility
  4. Lean Portfolio Management
  5. Enterprise Solution Delivery
  6. Agile Product delivery
  7. Team and technical agility
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