Creating your app with VUEJS


This is my attempt at learning a new framework and using it to create my own webapp uing vueJS.

Vue is a progressive and reactive framework for building user interfaces.

The things I need is first


npm install -g @vue/cli

You can test the installation was successful or not by issuing vue –version command. In my case it is returning 3.4.1. Vue CLI uses a plugin based architecture

Creating a new application

I am going to create a single landing page for my application as the first step and keep adding to it as I go along so first step what all options do I have

vue –help

It returns a standard help output identifying the common commands you can use.

create [options] <app-name> create a new project powered by vue-cli-service
add [options] <plugin> [pluginOptions] install a plugin and invoke its generator in an already created project
invoke [options] <plugin> [pluginOptions] invoke the generator of a plugin in an already created project
inspect [options] [paths...] inspect the webpack config in a project with vue-cli-service
serve [options] [entry] serve a .js or .vue file in development mode with zero config
build [options] [entry] build a .js or .vue file in production mode with zero config
ui [options] start and open the vue-cli ui
init [options] <template> <app-name> generate a project from a remote template (legacy API, requires @vue/cli-init)
config [options] [value] inspect and modify the config
upgrade [semverLevel] upgrade vue cli service / plugins (default semverLevel: minor)
info print debugging information about your environment

Run vue <command> --help for detailed usage of given command.

vue create –help

Usage: create [options] <app-name>

create a new project powered by vue-cli-service

-p, --preset <presetName> Skip prompts and use saved or remote preset
-d, --default Skip prompts and use default preset
-i, --inlinePreset <json> Skip prompts and use inline JSON string as preset
-m, --packageManager <command> Use specified npm client when installing dependencies
-r, --registry <url> Use specified npm registry when installing dependencies (only for npm)
-g, --git [message] Force git initialization with initial commit message
-n, --no-git Skip git initialization
-f, --force Overwrite target directory if it exists
-c, --clone Use git clone when fetching remote preset
-x, --proxy Use specified proxy when creating project
-b, --bare Scaffold project without beginner instructions
-h, --help output usage information

I will create my application by the name samarthya just to see how it works.

vue create samarthya

The moment you issue this command in the terminal you will be prompted to select some options choose the default and press enter


npm run serve

The last step to execute and see the application is to run this command npm run serve as open the localhost:8080 in browser and you can see your boiler plate application running.


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